I know it’s a bit late because it’s March right now, but I would scope out my goals for 2018. My primary goal to learn more and more firstly about Go, Distributed Systems and i would put a new language into my technology stack. It will be the Rust.

As a Go developer I’m so curios about the microservice based architectures and distributed systems as I’m working with highly concurrent services I always wanted to fill the gap in my knowledge with distributed systems on a higher level. So it will be my first task, learn more about how the highly usable distributed systems are working. I already bought a course on udemy called

Learning Distributed Systems

and I know it’s not everything but I would have a basic view about what I have to learn after that. I already started a project where I would apply these new skills. It will be a distributed database engine where I would aim on how to solve the problem where the different nodes are so far away from each other.


Why Rust? Not because it’s in the top 10 languages in some research, it’s because I always had a massive curiosity about this arcane language, as a Go developer I already understand concurrencies and I’m interested about how it is working in an other language’s context. I would pretend JVM, so the Rust looks a nice fit for my use-case.

In the end of the year I would be a distributed systems engineer with a nice knowledge in Go and Rust.

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