Slow down and enjoy these amazing design assets!

These times are tough.

Many articles suggesting that now it’s time to be ultra-productive, what rather results in enhanced anxiety and stress-level. Instead of working crazy hours, you can now finally slow down, be with your loved ones (if you are fortunate enough) and start loving your profession again!

Ditch social media and FOMO and make your mind busy with awesome design content. So here is my list:

1. Boost your craft with online tutorials!

Meng To’s website is leading this game. The quality of the videos and the unique content is insanely good. DesignCode teaches designers to code…

How we won our first hackathon focusing on little big details.

Hackathons are creative platforms for creating new solutions and searching for a new perspective on how and which way the industry could advance in its improvements.

Many industry-focused hackathons such as fintech, insurtech, edtech, etc. competitions are working as idea shops. Stakeholders and juries want to hear about kickass technological advancements but even the best high-tech pitches can fail without having a clear business concept, a solid product strategy, and a clear presentation. And that is where designers come into place!

If you are a designer and thinking about attending the next hackathon, then hit that apply button now!


It’s no doubt that fintech is indeed a hot topic nowadays. Blockchain, bitcoin, P2P lending, AI, VR, tokenization and all the buzzwords are all around. But sometimes you need a better design and not just the technology to kick wicked financial problems in the ass!

Messaging is instant but usually not your payments… Here is a showcase of our chat-based interface and UX/UI challenges.

Instant payment. What is that?

Instant payment solutions require a new digital infrastructure and enable a new payment logic as well as make transactions available within 5 seconds on the account of the recipient, 24 hours a day, 365 days a…

Feri Muck

UX/UI/Visual Designer, Co-founder of Family Finances ( Triplet, dog lover, runner and wannabe guitar player.

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