Here’s The One Sentence That Explains Peter Thiel’s Support For Trump. Prepare To Be Extremely Frustrated.

Tech investor Peter Thiel gave a public interview on his support for Donald Trump today. If you haven’t watched the video from the National Press Club, let me save you an hour of your life and summarize what I think is the one meaningful sentence.

In the entire interview, Thiel could not name a single policy of Trump’s that he agrees with. When pressed specifically about Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States, Thiel replied:

“A lot of the voters who vote for trump take Trump seriously, but not literally”.

Thiel went on to imply that he doesn’t think Trump may actually build a massive wall between Mexico and the US, nor do his voters think that he may enact many of his more extreme policies.

Thiel is supporting Trump because he is an “outsider” who will radically alter the political establishment, even if we have no idea how this strategy actually plays out. In other words, Thiel is a part of the ‘burn it down’ political camp. His support seems to have little to do with policies, rhetoric, or personality.

No details of any policies were defended. And, Thiel unequivocally denounced Trump’s comments on women. He simply feels that America needs a different course and doesn’t seem to care who is leading the charge.

Personally, it wasn’t a very satisfying interview, so I just don’t think it merits much more ink. If I sound more melancholy than usual in this piece, it’s because nothing informative has come from Thiels’ support for Trump. I cover tech politics pretty regularly, and I don’t think any of the discussion has helped the public better understand Silicon Valley. It’s just a distraction.

Thiel does not represent Silicon Valley, nor has his support of Trump inspired any meaningful following from others in tech. The less we write (and talk) about Thiel’s politics, the better.

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