Trump’s popularity is the price of a poor education system. We can fix it.

American democracy is in peril. For over a century, we were all too willing to let students with little grasp on current affairs and basic economics graduate high school. We assumed that the broad swath of angry, easily manipulatable voters was harmless.

Now, the nation is on the verge of electing a demagogue as their leader, who was propelled to viability by the least educated voters in each state.

Whether its claims about how to deport 11 million immigrants or “get everything you want” out of a healthcare system, policymakers are baffled by how any promises could actually be fulfilled (assuming they are not unethical).

Supporters don’t seem to care.

“We know his goal is to make America great again,” one Donald Trump supporter told pollster Frank Luntz. “It’s on his hat. And we see it every time he’s on TV.”

Donald Trump’s popularity is a case study in why four years of intensive civics, numeracy, and critical thinking should be a high school graduation requirement.

Uninformed voters shouldn’t be given a high school diploma. Trump will not be the last demagogue, especially now that the Internet has eroded the establishment’s monopoly on selecting leaders.

I’d like to help us all prevent another political crisis.

To safeguard American democracy, I’m crowdfunding a moonshot policy, “The Trump Education Act” on new graduation requirements, starting in California, which is an influential state that often sets national education trends.

$1M will be enough to place on the November ballot a law that helps all Californians be informed voters by creating new high school graduation exams.

The crowdfunding page is here. Let’s make America great, together.



Writer. Researcher. Educator. Policy Wonk. Optimist.

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