How I Feel About Turning 30 — Didi

The picture on the left represents Didi’s 20s, and the right depicts her feelings about entering her 30s.

How would you describe your 20s?

Busy! I’ve crammed in a university degree, a TEFL qualification, which enabled me to teach English in Thailand, India and China. I was a duty manager of an independent art-deco cinema, had my own private catering business, worked as a live-in private cook/house-keeper/nanny. I did a ‘Foodies of the Future’ internship at a well-known Organic farmshop. More recently I did an Executive Personal Assistant Diploma and got a great job at a Michelin-starred restaurant. I’ve never been fired from a job, I guess I’ve always wanted to go out and experience more. I think I’m getting more settled as I get older.

What was your biggest achievement in your 20s?

It should be my Film Studies degree but I’ve never actually used it! Hard to say what my biggest achievement is, probably travelling to a different county alone to work abroad when I was 21. Or maybe feeling more confident behind the wheel, I used to have the most terrible anxiety about driving. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I knew I had a big journey the following day. I’ve managed to control this as I’ve got older.

What was the biggest regret of your 20s?

I lent quite a lot of money to someone I thought was a good friend because he said he was in trouble. He never paid me back and told mutual friends I was being a b*tch about it. I don’t care about the money, it’s just a shame he made a fool out of me.

Do you think your 20s worked out like you expected and how do you feel about that?

I guess they have. I didn’t have some ‘Big Plan’ to be married with kids by twenty-something. Marriage isn’t something that I’m interested in, despite being in a great relationship. We both want kids, but no deadline is set.

Are you where you thought you’d be ten years ago and how do you feel about that?

10 years ago I was still with my long-term boyfriend from school. We lasted nearly 9 years and everyone thought we’d be together forever. I guess it just fizzled out. I don’t know where I thought I’d be but I don’t have any complaints.

Do you feel you made things happen in your 20s, or do you feel like your 20s happened to you without any real control?

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a complete control freak. I made things happen, I’m not good at just letting things take their natural course!

What do you associate with turning 30?

I’m extremely fortunate to have been brought up by a privileged family. My parents set up a trust fund when I was born so my younger siblings and I get an early inheritance when we each turn 30. That’s next year for me. It should mean I’ll have enough for a deposit for a house. Without it I think I’d be renting forever!

Are you looking forward to your 30s?

Yes and no. I’m looking forward to having my own family at some point and a house we can call our own. Not so thrilled about the prospect of grey hair and a proper skincare routine.

Does anything scare you about turning 30?

The next big one being 40?!

Do you think there’s a difference between being a twenty-something and being a thirty-something, and if so what is it?

I don’t know, I feel the same really. I guess the main difference is the responsibilities which pile up: not fucking up at work, paying your rent and bills, looking after others. You have to care more as you get older and sometimes that’s a pain in the arse. Ignorance really is bliss.

What advice would you offer to someone who is about to become a twenty-something?

Don’t take stuff too seriously, go out and have fun. If you want to see the world, work hard, save up and go. These things get harder as you get older, now is the perfect time to be free and wild.

What’s the biggest pressure you feel at this point in your life?

Currently my biggest pressure is just earing enough money to stay afloat. Rent prices where I live are extortionate but I’m happy in the country.

What’s the one thing you hope to achieve by the time you’re 40?

A happy family in a happy home.

About Didi

Occupation: PA in a Michelin-starred restaurant

Didi is a dry-witted food enthusiast from Worcestershire, always appreciating the beautiful nature around and constantly planning the next mealtime.

Instagram: @didigodman

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Do people really care about turning 30 or is this a myth? How do people really feel?

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