[Personal growth] My thought after joining PwC — If you just found a job

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Oh, and this is not a grammatically perfect article either. I am still practicing baby steps. I just get to share this before life rolls on.

Last week was my first week at PwC.

I remember that last time I checked in Medium 3 days in a roll was about a month ago. Alright, a month and a half ago. It was when I published the first article in an Alexa Skill Design series. I gave my promise to update you all about my learning. I did not forget. Please look forward to it.

A lot has as happened to me in the past couple weeks. I finished another round of job search; I moved myself from Philly, PA to Chicago, IL; I found an apartment to stay near Lake Michigan; Most importantly, I started a new journey with PwC New Ventures (or, PwC NV).

What on earth are you doing in an accounting firm?

I definitely felt the unfriendliness each time I shared this life-changing decision.

First thing first, PwC is not just an accounting firm. Yes, it is one of the “big four” auditors. No, it is not a tech firm. However, please recognize that it is the world’s largest consulting firm. It provides a wide range of services including design and innovation consulting.

You are right, consulting firms need designers, too.

As some of you learned from this year’s Design in Tech Report, a lot of design agencies got acquired since 2015. To fill you in on the details: Deloitte bought Flow Interactive, Mobiento, and Uselab; KPMG bought Cynergy Systems; Ernst & Young bought Seren; And PwC bought Optimal Experience, PRTM, BearingPoint, Diamond and Booz & Company.

The landscape of the digital consultancy industry has changed a lot since 2013. That means, as a digital product designer, you now have more than 3 options when considering the type of organization you can potentially join: a startup, an agency, a tech company, and a consulting firm.

Secondly, PwC is not just one firm. It’s a network of firms. To me, this means a plenty of opportunities I can find without leaving this network. As a hybrid designer and researcher who has a wide range of interests and is open to different types of opportunities, there is simply no better place to stay than a net.

So, why PwC New Ventures?

The quick answer is that PwC NV chose me, and I picked PwC NV.

I am and always want to be the type of person who can survive in extreme uncertainty and ambiguity. I believe PwC NV needs a teammate who can find direction in uncertain environment, unite with the team and forge ahead.

I picked PwC NV for similar reasons. I am looking for growth, for initiative, and for change. The fit between PwC NV and me has only become stronger since I got onboard. I realized PwC shares the same mission with me as a professional, which is to build trust and solve problems. Nothing matters more to me than making contributions in a mission-drive environment and be part of something big.

How does it feel so far,?

Since you asked, I will tell you my honest opinion.

As someone who got so used to the Silicon Vally laid-back working culture (i.e. playing Pokemon go, wearing Lululemon gym clothes in the office…), presenting myself “decently” in business attire and learning to follow certain rules can be somewhat daunting.

Fortunately, PwC is ready for someone like me. It sent out all the kind reminders about how to probably dress up and behave in a formal environment before I arrived; It assisted me with settling down, as if I relocated from as far as Mars; Important people from my team called and welcomed me before the first day. It did everything it could to reduce culture shock.

I felt very welcomed and well-supported during the first week. I like how disciplined but open-minded PWC people are, I am grateful to be surrounded by amazing people, particularly, amazing woman leaders, and I absolutely enjoy the obvious diversity in the office.

How does it influence you as a human-centered designer?

I am still, at this point, pretty new to the team. I cannot speak for sure. I anticipate that I will focus more on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain…

I will put effort in practicing Enterprise UX and supporting productivity. My goal is to build trust in organizations with human-centered design in emerging technologies.

If you are interested in hearing about the applications of emerging technologies in enterprise environment, please follow me and stay attuned.

What are you trying to say?

Of cause, I want to share the optimism and excitement about getting on a new journey before I got completely overwhelmed by work. Most importantly, I want you to figure out the match between you and the place you work, understand how you can create mutual benefit and grow together with your company. Be loyal to the choice you make, calm down and cheer on!

Most importantly, I want you to figure out the match between you and the place you work, understand how you can create mutual benefit and grow together with your company.

Borrow a sentence from the movie Inception:

“You’re waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope the train will take you, but you can’t know for sure. Yet it doesn’t matter. Be yourself and you will be there.

Be loyal to the choice you make, calm down and cheer on!

A challenge for you

I saw an exercise in a management class offered at Yale Management school, if you just had your first day, or had it not long ago, I challenge you to complete this exercise:

Describe your first day on the job — any job. When was the moment you realized it was the right place — or the wrong place — for you?

Thank you very much for reading and supporting!

I hope my two cents benefit you. If you find this article helpful, you ♥ it and spread this idea. Please stay attuned and follow me if you are interested in knowing what I observe, experience and learn in my life as a product designer.

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