My 21 days water fasting experience

I regularly detox almost every year for maximum 10 days and enjoy beautiful surroundings of a nice resort in a sunny place. This year, I did not have time to go abroad and decided to detox at home while working. Well, January is a perfect month after all in Stockholm to beat the holiday blues. And why not try 21 days this time which is a landmark number in the world of fasting community. There are people who are fasting more than 21 days yet I think there is a high chance to deteriorate your health especially if you are within normal weight range.

Why do I do it?

First time I detox I realized how unhealthy was my gut flora. I felt like newborn when I get rid of all toxins, heavy metals, candida, excess mucus etc. through fasting and daily colema.

Nowadays, I eat quite heathy mostly raw and I completely stop eating meat/fish/poultry as well as avoiding dairy products, highly processes foods, yeast, unrefined sugar and preservatives to a large extent.

Even if our body has natural detox process and I am eating quite healthier compare to average, it is still impossible for me to control what I am eating at all times. It is simply not practical and one should be pragmatic about it. Thats why I try to detox annually to reset my body.

There are several benefits of extended water fasting (as well as associated dangers) and you can read them all on the web. I recommend to watch Loren Lockman as an example. I strongly believe it improves immune system, makes you insulin sensitive, recycle old cells (autophagy) and break down misfolded proteins which are linked to Alzheimer, prevents cancer and prolongs longevity and brings mental clarity.

What do I do?

I have not experienced extended water fasting earlier. Yet I have experience from earlier how to do water fasting and which supplements to take and how to detox the body.

I have a daily schedule and my daily routines is as follows:

  • 4 x water and superfood greens nutritional tablets and spirulina
  • 2 x coconut water (natural not contain sugar)
  • Herbal tea
  • 1 x vegetable broth without yeast
  • Limitless water

If I detox in a resort , the process is always supported with daily massage and colema procedure. Unfortunately, I could not have it of course at home on a daily basis. I have stopped the cleansing mix on day 14th as it is better to remove bentonite clay from intestines on a daily basis. I continue to take water and supplements in the remaining days only and use steam bath after training to support the detoxification process.

What to expect?


First three days are normally more challenging as your body adjust to the new normal. If you prepare yourself gradually, for example by reducing coffee intake, processed foods etc. prior to the fasting, the easier it gets. Second week you might feel tired in certain days yet energy level fluctuates. I usually mix chlorophyll and water to get energy or suppress the urge for drinking coffee in the mornings. And last week for me was the easiest. I have neither felt hunger nor get tempted when my family members /colleagues were eating. I have been also quite active as well and continue to exercise 5–6 times a week with reduced intensity, mostly cardio such as cross trainer. I have stopped weight lifting as I did not want to break my muscles which I worked hard to build 😊

Emotionally and spiritually

In the first few days your body feels stressed to adjust to the new normal yet afterwards it normalizes. I felt very stable throughout the process. The fasting process brought mental clarity and improved my mood. When you are in ketosis mode, your body burns fat instead of glucose for energy and it is claimed that ketones produce less inflammatory products compare to glucose which is apparently good for brain. Moreover using ketones as energy for the brain functions seems to support generating new brain cells.

Extended fasting process is surely a tough process mentally. It requires motivation, will power, focus and discipline. It helped me to control my urges from snacking unneccesarily to amount of time surfing on social media as an example. It also spiritually helped me to let it go some of negative emotions I was holding on to. It just happened out of nowhere or I must say while mediating in the steam bath😊 Fasting is a great tool to train your grit muscle and you can use it for your advantage in other parts of your life.

Bonus learning

And here comes the bonus learning. Total coincidence. I scheduled a colema session at a place yet they cancelled it last minute so I was trying to find a place on the same day which is hard to book in Stockholm. I found finally a place on the web and booked it immediately. It was a late evening session and longer than usual so I was a little bit skeptical what to expect. And guess what? In addition to colema session, practitioner performed some sort of Chinese methodology and check my palms and eyes and informed me that I have little inflammation in my small intestines because of probably food I am eating that is not too good for me. I was surprised as I thought I am eating quite heathy. Oats for example which I eat a lot was apparently not too good for me. How we found out? She performed a test with me with almost 60–80 products. On my left hand I hold the product and on my right hand I press my little finger and thumb together. She told me that little finger is representing small intestines in the body. If I can’t hold my little finger and thumb together it is not good for me and if I can hold my fingers together it is good for me and depends on the strength she recommended how much I can eat.

Simple test you can do by yourself is to first say your own name“ My name is XXX” and you will notice you will lean forward. If you say someoneelse name “My name is YYY” you will notice you will lean back. So after this, hold the product on your left hand and ask yourself “Is this good for my body?” If you lean forward it is, if you lean back it is not. Not sure how scientific the method is but for sure it worked for me at least with few exceptions.

What now?

I will introduce food gradually into my diet. First two to four days I will eat easy to digest foods such as coconut yoghurt, papaya, soup etc. and in the following weeks I can start eating salad, nuts and so on. Today, I am breaking my fasting with a delicious coconut yoghurt and papaya. I feel energetic, my mind is clear, my skin is glowing and also lost some few pounds which I don’t complain :-) after holidays season.

I am endlessly grateful for being healthy to have the physical and mental strength to complete and enjoy the process till the end.

For those who would like to consider water fasting I recommend to start with other types of detox programs such as green food, juice or similar or try 3–10 days water fasting programs under supervision. So you experience how your body feels and reacts to the process.

Be well…



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