A question worth asking and answering no matter who you are and at what point in life you are.

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Living in a world where competition and comparison with other people are unenviable, I like to focus on myself. And I think you should do it as well.

You have a choice.

Say no to constant race towards the finishing line. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Stop putting pressure on yourself, only to realise that what you are looking forward is not what you want to be and have in life.

You will be compared by others— Afterall there need to be some criteria for selection and some people will always fit in those criteria better than others. But that does not mean…

More than I ever imagined.

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I am privileged. Simply due to being born as white. And it took me 28 years and death of George Floyd to truly realise that.

I am not a racist, and I do not discriminate. I firmly believe in equal rights of everyone — regardless of age, gender, faith or for that matter race. I believe we all are doing our best. And I believe in goodness of people.

But I can not anymore silently watch what is happening. Not when I see clearly, I am privileged simply due to being born white. I can not be quiet, simply because…

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There is nothing wrong with it.

Thursday Poetry Prompt for The Cotton Thread: “Visible”

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I am visible, I am seen, I am part of life.

And I know that today You see me

You acknowledge me

You hold me in your arms.


You love me as I am,

You accept me as I am.

You are gentle, You feel me, You know my hurt

and You don’t run away.


You acknowledge me,

You understand me,

and You show me what gentleness is.


You show me your love

You show me, that you adore me.


And I feel so safe.

So safe with…

6 Learnings from my first week in home-office.

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It was time. After coronavirus hit Germany, where I currently live, also the company I work for decided to go into a full remote set-up.

I worked from home before but seeing a whole company go remote in a matter of few days, or maybe even a few hours for those most eager to self-isolate was eye-opening. One day we were talking and working behind the desks, another day we were sitting at home realising that the time has come where we will work from the same place, where we live.

The introvert in me was cheering to the new…

Practical tips on how to prepare for possible lockdown

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We all know it. The country lockdown due to coronavirus is coming our way and knowing that we can take action to prepare.

Here are 5 tips, that I myself follow to prepare for a worst-case scenario:

1. Food

Buy food that you can use and will enable you to get all the necessary nutrients. Probably the shops will stay open, so do not go overboard with hoarding a lot of food. It is smart however to have enough food at home to survive a week or two without going to the shop.

Buy some pre-prepared food that can last you longer…

Do not panic and use what we know about the psychology of reaction.

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If you are reading this, there is a very small chance, you have not heard about the COVID-19 or otherwise known as Corona-virus. (And no — I am not talking about Corona beer which has nothing in common with the virus, except for the naming — even though many people seem to believe it has).

If you live in the affected areas there is a high chance people around you (or maybe even yourself) are sick, or that you feel the panic rising within you. Many of the supermarkets around me are way emptier than ever before, resulting in a…

We are in this together.

Fear is creeping in, as the Corona-virus continues to spread and the WHO is declaring a pandemic. With more than 150.000 confirmed cases and over 6000 deaths as of today (15.03.2020), it is difficult not to be scared for our loved ones — especially while more and more countries are declaring lockdowns and the market is crushing.

But if I learned something in the last few days — it is that no matter how difficult the situation is, humankind is able to take it. We are able to find the light in all circumstances. We are able to fight together…

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