Those that fly highest, fall deepest.

And probably you heard it as well. The proverb is not only to be found in Slovenian but also in other languages.

Those that fly highest, fall deepest. Or so I have been told. Photo: Canva (Engin Akyurt, Pexels)

All expressed a bit differently but carrying a similar message. Better something or someone is (or believe it is), bigger the disappointment and failure at the end.

“Dream on.”

I was sitting in the break with my coworkers and drinking coffee. I was a trainee at the job, and much younger than other colleagues. I was a freshman among the employees with several years of experience, working the same job for a long time.

Many topics were discussed, and somehow the question came, what I plan to do once I finish my traineeship and will have to find a job. After answering that I am positive I will find a great opportunity somewhere to put my skills to practice and be happy with the work I do, I got an ice-cold answer. “Dream on. You can dream until you will hit the ground. You know what they say — those that fly highest, fall deepest.”

The fire in me was lit. How someone, who does not even know me, dares to tell me that I will fall. Before I even started?!

I did not say much to answer that comment. Afterall — everyone has the right of their opinion. But I did not agree with it. And I used the memory of that conversation so many times after that event, especially when I needed to feel that fire because I was dimming my light with fear.

Fear of failure

How often did you stop yourself doing something, simply because you feared the consequences?

Sometimes that fear is justified — it helps us to survive and thrive in a dangerous environment. More often, however, fear is simply a product of our own uncertainty and doubt in ourselves or distrust.

And this type of fear actually comes from our imagination, and it stops us from living life. It stops us from fulfiling our dreams. And it stops us from doing our best job.

We recognise the risk, we recognise the possibility of the failure — and simply because of that we decide that we will not take the risk. That we will not fly, because we can fall. And if we fly, we decide to keep it safe. To play it low. Because in this case, IF we fall, we can not fall so deep.

Do you see how this plays out?

Do you see how afraid we are sometimes of the failure, and how this fear is stopping us from experiencing life, from reaching our potential, from reaching for success?

Fear of success

Fear that often gets overlooked is fear of success. Photo: Canva (Stokpic, Pexels)

There is also another kind of fear, that often gets overlooked. It is closely linked to the fear of failure on one hand. And it is very different on the other hand.

I am talking about the fear of success. The fear of our own light. The fear of change. The fear of commitment.

The fear of what we will accomplish if we fly high and we reach for the sky.

What if you spend all this time, and you succeed — what will you do then? Because success will bring with it new challenges. Maybe you will not like, what you achieved. Maybe other people will not like what you achieved.

Do you see how this plays out?

Do you see how afraid we are sometimes of the success, and how this fear is stopping us from experiencing life, from reaching our potential, from reaching for the success?

Those that fly highest, first need the wings to fly and know how to use them.

It may be true that those that fly highest, can fall deepest. But you should not forget that to fly highest you need to have the wings and know how to use them. So if you fall, just do not forget to use the wings that got you so high! Photo: Canva (Pixabay, Pexels)

It may be true that those that fly highest, fall deepest. Afterall physics tells us this is true. Higher you throw the ball, longer its fall will be.

But let’s take into account that for flying we need wings. And beings with wings are birds.

I do not know about you — but — I never yet saw the bird fall. The bird jumps, fly in the air (as high as it goes), and then it lands (wherever it wants). It is a possibility the bird falls out of the blue sky, but something really serious need to happen, so this would occur… wouldn’t you agree?

If we as humans then compare to that, we could argue, that we first need to figure out what our wings are. What skills, knowledge and attitudes and actions we possess. And then we learn how to use that to fly. And as we learn how to fly, we learn also how to land.

The problem is solved. At least with the fear of failure. Fear of success can not be so easily tackled, as you never know what you will see once you know how to fly.

But I have all faith, that if you managed to figure out how to fly, you can also figure out everything else that comes your way in your professional (or for that matter personal) life.

Dream on! Fly high!

Dream on, have aspirations, believe something great is waiting for you out there in the world. Even if those dreams and professional goals and aspirations seem far away. They might seem high on the sky, and the fear of failure might try to lure you in. Fear not! If you can fly, you can land as well. So you can only benefit from flying high.

Weaving Life’s Web: Work is aspiring you to live an intentional life while working. You have the power to weave your life, to fulfil your potential and be the best version of yourself!



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Anja Ferk

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