FONDEADORA celebrates 5 years with a very special Partner

Today Fondeadora, the leading crowdfunding platform in Latin America, announced a new partnership with global leader Kickstarter, to further promote and foster the creative talent in Mexico through crowdfunding.

We at Fondeadora are thrilled about this new alliance that will benefit our community and thousands of creative people bringing together the local expertise, relationships and trust our platform has built since 2011, with Kickstarter’s reach, know-how and global impact as pioneers in reward-based crowdfunding.

Fondeadora has been a central player and witness of the nascent entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico: with 1,950 successful projects, 160,000 backers and more than $180 Million pesos funded so far, the platform has led a crowdfunding movement and unlocked resources to the talent that is creating for the benefit of our society, through concerts, expositions, products, performances, recordings and many other artistic and creative expressions that make Mexican culture rich and vibrant.

It all started with an academic exercise at ITAM’s Executive Program on Entrepreneurship in the Spring of 2011. Alfonso, Federico and myself were co-teaching a group of enthusiastic soon-to-be entrepreneurs, and we wanted to have a real life case that would exemplify the full launching process and the advances we could show every week.

With Alfonso programming the initial platform, Federico coming up with the branding, and me figuring out legal and administrative requirements, we started working on our project in April. Gustavo, a talented and avid student, joined us very early on, and we started sourcing projects and warming up the market with alliances and PR, until our official launching day on July, 2011.

Along those initial efforts, we visited Centro, the leading design school in Mexico, and as part of the many good things that came out of it, Federico and I joined the faculty team. That is how we met Norman and Rene (I’ll spare details on the project they were working on at the time). They joined the team and brought with them other brilliant students, and at that point the company really started, as a group of enthusiastic, passionate and committed young people aiming for a bigger mission.

Naively we thought the first projects needed to have a celebrity on board. We published projects by Enrique Olvera, Alejandra Quesada, Molotov and Felipe Fernández del Paso — renowned Mexican artists. None of them worked very well. Our first successful project was brought by Gus: a guy named Noala Guerra wanted to ride his bike from Mexicali to Cancun playing the ukulele.

From then on the road has been full of heart-warming, inspiring, engaging, unusual and beautiful stories. Close to two thousand projects made possible through this collective effort, some very popular and influential, others pushing the envelope with cutting edge creativity, and even one or two bad apples. Some are closer to my heart and interests, like Revoltoso, the stop motion project from my students at Centro, or the conservation of 86 pieces from Chucho Reyes at Casa Barragán , a puppet performance, Adios Carlota of historical value, , Camila, a children’s book to create awareness on organ donations, or a project to save the Vaquita Marina, published by Ana my daughter, when she was 9 years old. We never imagined, as it happened with some recent projects like Juntos por Guada, that the platform would even save lives!!

Yet the trip has also been challenging. Launching a digital startup in Mexico, and bootstrapping its way into a market leader, required patience, resilience, optimism, integrity, teamwork and solving all kinds of unimaginable problems as they came along. I specially recognize Norman and Rene’s talent in positioning the platform as a beloved and trusted brand, while organizing a fantastic team that have made wonders to continue our rapid growth.

Close to one hundred collaborators have worked at Fondeadora over these past few years. We are thankful to each and every person that has contributed to this dream. Alfonso, Federico, Norman, René, Froy and myself, as founders, never imagined the impact this movement would have in our lives. In each and every project successfully funded, the dreams of valuable people have been achieved, and a new road been walked, thanks to the solidarity, trust and generosity of our society; the uniquely optimistic society still dominates, and will prevail in this country.

That is why we are so excited about this partnership. The impact Kickstarter has had in the American creative community is spectacular. With more than $2.5 billion dollars pledged by 11.7 million people, 113,000+ projects have received funding to be realized, in effect creating a whole new industry. Aside from the inspiration their transcendence has meant for Fondeadora, we have found a clear common ground in our philosophy and core values. We both work hard for the benefit of the projects and their creators, put trust from our backers as a central asset and believe in openness and contributions from all allies, with our mission to democratize funding and make creative projects come to life.

We will soon communicate details on this alliance and what it means for both platforms. In the meantime, let me finish by saying this is just the beginning of the crowdfunding movement in Latin America that Fondeadora set out to create. We are proud of the achievements of these first five years, proud of our new partner and the contributions we will make together, and committed to continue our hard work in making our region a land of opportunities for all who have a dream.

With thanks,

Fernando Lelo de Larrea.