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My commitment is to Truth not to Consistency

Gandhi leading the Salt March in protest against the government monopoly on salt production. Photo: Central Press/Getty Images

This text is a transcript of a fragment of the YouTube video “Beyond Succes — Ram Dass Full Lecture 1987”.

There are two little stories of Mahatma Gandhi, one is he started to lead a march to protest against the British and after a few days he saw that it was going to have some bad consequences… and he stop the march, and this lieutenants came up to him and the say:

– Mahatma Ji your can’t do this, people left their jobs, they’re taking great risk, they area here behind you… you can’t stop now.

And Gandhi said:

– I have a misunderstanding… I’m only human I don’t understand all. My understanding of truth changes from day to day. My commitment is to truth not to consistency… I’m sorry if that upsets you.

A lot of us have built our security on consistency on being who we thought we were and projecting it outwards. Is it possible that you at your stage of life can allow for a discontinuity, to allow a shift of conciouseness into another way of being or is your commitment to consistency greater than your commitment to truth? it’s an interesting one.

And you will notice that the entire circle of the people around you count on consistency: they don’t count on truth they count on consistency. But what you can offer them and yourself finally is a reaching for the truth, that becomes part of your bottomline and in the course of it, it may not be consistent.