7 EASY Halloween Hair Ideas!!!

1.Spider Crawl

This creepy but cute and may I add affordable style is just the ticket. You can participate in any Halloween celebration, whether it’s the bar crawl, office party, or just taking the kids out to trick or treat this is an easy 1–2 hair fix that anyone can do this one. Just use product that will tame frizzes and fly aways then put hair in a bun and get some fuzzy twisty ties….very easy to do.

2. Not So Innocent

Don’t know what to do with hair. Well then do nothing….yes, that’s right do nothing. Wear it messy or in pig tails like a child and just put on bright make up that makes your eyes, cheeks and lips pop and no one will hardly noticed your hair is unkept. Hey, after all it’s Halloween so anything goes.

3. Classic Work Work Work Work WORK!!!

Rosie the Riveter that image stays in most folks head when they see a woman dressed in denim rolled up sleeve shirt with a red tie head with white polka dots with her right arm flexing up in the air muscle style. This one is easy to do I am surprise more ladies haven’t done this for Halloween. This look is very affordable all you need is a red head tie with white polka dot or you can buy 1/2 yard of cheap red&white polka dot fabric at your local fabric store. Then you get a denim shirt or any dark short (not necessarily black) roll up the sleeves, flex your muscle put on a splash of make up then your good to go.

4. Couples Costume Power

Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you couples. I noticed every Halloween the celebrity couple trend is getting more and more popular. If you and you significant other have a favorite celebrity couple you want to channel this October 31st I say go for it. Our pick you the Carters, in the photo below Jay Z has on a beanie hat and Beyonce has on mesh ski mask. Think about it all he has to do is get a beanie hat out of his closet and if she has any sewing skills she can stitch a black mesh to ski mask or reconstruct some fish nets tights. As for the rest him a simple blazer and jeans and her sexy body suit. I would say although celebrity coupled inspired this one is very easy at the most.

5.On The Hunt

Want to keep it simple then just flat iron with part in the middle. This is very easy to accomplish after using fermented rice detox wash and Honey Rose Otto Conditioner from Royal Herbal Organics. Put on some exoctic make up. Go really heavy on the eyes make it look tribal and exoctic (especially if your single and on the hunt). Put on a eye catching necklace then go out and have a good ol time. Don’t to tell us how the night went.

6.Lady Or Not?

This one is really easy too. Get yourself a long really cheap synthetic wig in blond or light brown. Add vibrant color with a magic maker allow to dry overnight and put up in a bufon style, adorn face with cat eye glasses and spice up glasses by adding rhinstones. With this look you can go vintage, modern vixen or what ever comes to mind.

7.Top That

We definitely didn’t forget about you men. For the men we wanted to give you diversity so whats more diverse than a top hat. Let me tell you why this was our top pick. As a man you may not have much that you can do with your hair you may have that one cut that’s your comfortable with or may get something trendy ONCE IN A WHILE. However, most men stick to the same cut… so therefore why not go with a top hat. You can wear this hat and become a Butler, Dracula, Mr. Monopoly, Slash from Guns& Roses, A Man About Town, A Magican, Mad Hatter; from Alice In Wonderland, Abraham Lincoln and I am sure there are many more. Try this fun look and channel any of the characters mentioned above.

*BONUS= for the Little Ones

Oh, the sweet little ones. They are in it for the the treats ofcourse but they want to look Halloweeny also. Well just give her two braids and bend them into cat ears and as for him face paint on his favorite supper hero and he’s good to go. As parents you want to stretch your dollar and most of all you want your precious ones to enjoy their tricker treating, so why not opt for this affordable idea.

Originally published at www.royalherbalorganics.com.