With plenty time consuming projects being assigned in school and the homeworks assigned in Access Code becoming increasingly difficult, I find myself spending more time marathon coding before my night class. I thought this was fine until I realized that my brain was literally fried by the time I got to Access Code at 7pm during that day.

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Lately I’ve been finding myself spacing out, then immediately scrambling to catch up after I realized I wasn’t paying attention. To ensure I don’t miss out on important lecture time due to spacing out, I had to find a solution.

After studying my daily routine, I realized I often end up eating dinner after class throughout the week. My “fried brain” is actually a result of me not eating correctly. Bringing in snacks during the class would also be wise as eating stimulates proper brain function. Check out this post from the Huffington Post for brain food. Just please, I don’t recommend carrying around sardines! …

Over the past two years, I’ve been working towards my general education requirements and 4 semesters worth of Computer Science courses in college.

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What a typical Access Coder looks like when working to meet a project deadline.

In C4Q’s Access Code, after four 20 hour weeks of learning Java, Git and the way to coder enlightenment, Access Code has greatly surpassed all practical knowledge I acquired in college. …

I’m always on a lookout for a shortcut. I try to minimize time spent doing the boring stuff so I can have more time doing the fun stuff in life by using shortcuts. My everyday commute to the subway station consists of a 20 minute walk which I cut down to 15 minutes by taking a slightly different route than others. Those 5 minutes saved is what keeps me sane.

Before I committed the next 9 months to learning at Access Code, I was accustomed to using a Windows laptop. But ever since I started using a MacBook Pro and IntelliJ IDEA to code at Access Code, I’ve been searching for shortcuts to make my life as a coder easier. …


Anthony Fermin

Software Engineer

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