With plenty time consuming projects being assigned in school and the homeworks assigned in Access Code becoming increasingly difficult, I find myself spending more time marathon coding before my night class. I thought this was fine until I realized that my brain was literally fried by the time I got to Access Code at 7pm during that day.

Lately I’ve been finding myself spacing out, then immediately scrambling to catch up after I realized I wasn’t paying attention. To ensure I don’t miss out on important lecture time due to spacing out, I had to find a solution.

After studying…

Over the past two years, I’ve been working towards my general education requirements and 4 semesters worth of Computer Science courses in college.

What a typical Access Coder looks like when working to meet a project deadline.

In C4Q’s Access Code, after four 20 hour weeks of learning Java, Git and the way to coder enlightenment, Access Code has greatly surpassed all practical knowledge I acquired in college. I have four weeks worth of pair programming experience which, before this program, I had a negligible amount of pair programming experience that was initiated by some student and I. …

I’m always on a lookout for a shortcut. I try to minimize time spent doing the boring stuff so I can have more time doing the fun stuff in life by using shortcuts. My everyday commute to the subway station consists of a 20 minute walk which I cut down to 15 minutes by taking a slightly different route than others. Those 5 minutes saved is what keeps me sane.

Before I committed the next 9 months to learning at Access Code, I was accustomed to using a Windows laptop. But ever since I started using a MacBook Pro and…

As part of the curriculum at C4Q’s Access Code 2.1, I was assigned one team project and one individual project that were due by the end of the week. I created more projects in class throughout the week to aid me in learning how to use methods and loops in my programs.

As I coded more complex loops, I encountered numerous bugs and error messages from the compiler. The most common error I encountered was the StringIndexOutOfBounds exception, which means that somewhere in my code I tried to search a character at an index of the string that was greater…

Image source: benzinga.com

In tech, there’s so much to learn and the vast amount of information there is to learn just seems to be getting larger by the day.

Good thing I love learning new things and diving deeper into things I already know. I have a Flipboard account for that very reason, so that I can find articles about all sorts of interesting things. But at times curiosity gets the best of me, I latch on to this multi-page articles and I’m at the mercy of the author until the end… I guess I’m no different than the Swiffer Cats.

Anthony Fermin

Software Engineer

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