Different Options for Teeth Straightening

In order to get the smile you want, teeth straightening may be the only option that you have to go for. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that it is not always the fast option to consider. However, it remains to be effective. Good news is that dentists have been able to work on faster techniques to straighten the teeth. These techniques can be referred to as accelerated orthodontics.

The best thing about this treatment is that you will not have to wait for years for your teeth to get straightened. It means that you will not have to for too many dental visits.

The way it works

There are different ways accelerated orthodontics may work. Your dentist is going to decide about the method to be used. Some of those methods are worth mentioning here.

· The first to talk about is the accelerated method. It mainly involves the use of a hands-free gadget which you will need to wear for about 20 minutes in a day. It can work with a number of teeth straightening devices. This gadget uses the pulsing to hasten the teeth’s movement.

  • Another method is known as Propel Alveocentesis Method. This method mainly works to stir the bones surrounding the teeth in order to boost cytokine activity. The main purpose of this method is to remodel the bones.
  • Another method is known as Microosteoperforation. This method involves triggering the activation of cytokine. A force is used to push the teeth in right position.
  • The forth method used in accelerated orthodontics involves the removal of tooth tissues. This removal allows the tooth to be moved in the right position.

No matter what option you go for, it is important to wear the retainer after the treatment is complete. This retainer is going to make the changes permanent.

Who may get this treatment?

You may wonder if you are eligible to get this treatment. You can get this treatment if your teeth have fully grown and the jawbone is in good health. Moreover, the dentist is going to check if you are eligible for this treatment.

Talking about the benefits of this treatment, the primary one is that you are going to get your teeth straightened pretty quickly. Moreover, it is going to be less painful as compared to traditional braces. And since you will be visiting the dentist for fewer times, you will not have to spend much for the treatment.

Along with advantages, there are some pitfalls as well. This treatment may involve surgery which can turn out to be quite painful afterwards. So you have to make sure that the San jose dentist that you have chosen for this treatment is the qualified one.