Defining My Personal Style

Caitlin Fernandez
3 min readFeb 3, 2023

What we’ve learned: “Your brand identity should have a look and feel, or style, or some deliberate point of view. That style will communicate on an emotional level, whether you intend it or not. The formal components of the design imply meaning, and it’s important to extend your personal vision and tone through the visual representation of your identity. Type, organization, structure, color palette, and any imagery should work in concert to tell a story.

Some goals for a cohesive brand experience:

  • Break through via some interesting form/structure to capture attention
  • Induce ‘wantable’ emotions: joy, delight, wonder, amusement, reverence, etc
  • Differentiate yourself using your core values
  • Drive storytelling with intention (key takeaway)
  • Ensure that form follows ‘your story’”

So, Here Is My Brand Checklist…

My brand personality is between a genuine every(wo)man and an organic outlaw. This is because I want everyone to connect to one another through the shared human desire to belong, but I want to leave a mark on the world by doing good work that changes our society for the better, together.

This is strategic because, as I’ve said before, I want to present myself as a humble individual who is genuine and unique through her authentic representation of her ideas. I want people to perceive me as a reliable and kind individual that people can connect with. Success to me would mean being perceived by any colleague or client as a friendly soul that they can turn to when they encounter a problem that needs to be solved. It would also mean having my work recognized by its moving, authentic and personal style that helps bring our society back to a place where we can connect through our shared human experiences.

My communication goals are making others feel welcomed, connected, and brave enough to join together to take on challenges.

My brand voice is organic, authentic, genuine, reliable, and (most importantly) personal.

My style demonstrates a genuine every(wo)man and an organic outlaw that’s authentic, genuine, reliable, and (most importantly) personal. This is shown through my use of organic shapes and lines in my illustrations; the use of recycled paper textures, grain in photography, and pen and ink textures; and the efficient use of packing space similar to how I would pack to travel and explore.

My chosen color palette is:

My color palette communicates a welcoming, organic, and approachable feel.

The typeface I’ve chosen is: FUTURA

This typeface communicates the following about me: I want to be genuine and reliable, and I can adapt to challenges.

Secondary typeface: GARAMOND PREMIER PRO

This pairing works for my brand because a pairing between this particular sans serif and serif font communicates the feeling of an “organic outlaw” (FUTURA) and a “genuine every(wo)man” (GARAMOND PREMIER PRO).