The Line I Wish Michelle Obama Hadn't Said in Her Badass DNC Speech
Rebecca Rose Thering

I was talking about this exact line with my husband yesterday. While it’s completely understandable that Michelle wanted to go against Trump and that the United States is a great country already, the DNC as a whole seemed like parents spoiling their kids. You know that situation when the kid gets back from school upset, complaining that the teacher called his attention in front of the entire class? The teacher is Trump. The parents (Obama administration) said: your teacher is completely wrong! You are the best student of the world! While they should have said: kid, you did wrong, but I understand that you are upset because the teacher shouldn’t have called your attention in front of everybody. Both Trump and Obama administration are wrong to emphasize extreme points of view. The United States is obviously a great country, as all other countries are in different aspects.

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