In Stockholm, we are building a critical mass for future thinking with a new meetup Speculative Futures Stockholm Chapter. The first event sold out, showing the interest of the community in this topic, and following the huge interest we want to share what happened in the first event. Read all about the Age of Species with the invited speaker Petra Ljlia and our very own A Constitution for Mars workshop.

Presentation from the invited speaker Petra Ljlia.

What is future speculation?

Every time we talk about what the future could be like, we are speculating about it. This speculation can be more or less reflective or complex, i.e. “What will happen…

Most organizations feel lost when it comes to innovation management. The best thing to do? Follow the instructions!

Innovation might be the hardest word to define from the entire business lexicon. Often innovation has its roots in the world of design, engineering, psychology, among other disciplines, thus serving “many masters” and making it hard to find it’s unique place in business. And as if its transdisciplinary origin wasn’t confusing enough, “innovation” is often misused in communication and marketing stunts, promoting the idea that innovation is only about results, such as a fantastic new product, and never the journey or the capabilities needed to get there. This builds biased references for the organization and deepens the misrepresentation of what…

Fernanda Torre

CEO Fernanda Torre AB, Visiting Teacher Stockholm School of Economics (House of Innovation), Innovation & Strategy expert, Experience Designer.

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