Tips for Your Trip to New Zealand

New Zealand makes for one of the most scintillating destinations in the world as it has, what can easily be called the best scenic beauty spanning over a wide variety of landscapes. However, like in the case of any other country, it is more than essential for you to understand some basic nuances of the land, that will help make your sojourn a hassle free and memorable experience. Moreover, a fair knowledge of the below-mentioned pointers will also help you stay out of trouble during your trip!

Passport and Visa

On your arrival in New Zealand, you will be required to present your passport, which stands valid for at least three months, from the intended date of your departure from New Zealand. In addition, you will need the passport to be stamped with a valid New Zealand Visa. In case you visa states ‘number of entries: multiple’, you are permitted to travel to and fro between India and New Zealand as many times as you want, up until the ‘expiry date of travel’. For your usual tourist visa, the maximum time you’re allowed to stay in New Zealand is for a period of 9 months, in a period spanning 18 months. In case your visa expires, while you’re still in New Zealand, you will be considered an as illegal immigrant, and may be deported. Hence, it is highly advisable to hold a valid New Zealand Visa at all times.


The customs department of New Zealand is extremely serious when it comes to bringing in any contraband in your luggage. Even something as trivial as an unopened pack of chocolates can land you in trouble, if not declared beforehand. Again, anything that even remotely counts as outdoor gear, including your sports shoes or hiking boots need to be declared, especially if they’re used and contain any dirt on them. If not, you will be liable to pay a hefty fine of $400, which usually wouldn’t count as feeling welcome in a new country.


Coming to something that will help you feel energised, coffee is one aspect of New Zealand that you will fall head over heels for. Wherever it is that you wish to take a halt or sip on your cuppa, you will be pleasantly surprised with the sheer quality of the coffee. Right from high-end restaurants to roadside stops and even gas stations, every cup that you’ll devour on this land will beat even the most exotic coffees back home.


If you happen to rent a car and drive around on the exhilarant roads and highways of this majestic land, you will be surprised to see tens and hundreds of kilometres without any establishment or even a human being, so to say. Hence, it is important that you’re well packed with food and water. Moreover, this pattern makes it important for you to fill up on gas, as and when you can.


New Zealand is one place, where experiencing all three climate types in a single day is fairly possible. Hence, it is advisable to take along numerous layers in the form, of shirts t-shirts and jackets, along with a few pairs of socks to keep you warm and preferably a rain coat, or a waterproof hoodie.

Now that you know a tad more about how New Zealand will treat you, we hope that you will be better prepared to spend your much-awaited vacation there!