So do you think cats don’t like water? Here is a furry bud that will prove you wrong and teach you that it’s only about getting used to it!

Kuli, the one-eyed and surfing cat

Kuli, was only 6 months old when he began riding waves in Hawaii with his owners Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton. His name means “to look blind”, and he loves water because his owners used to bath him when he was recovering from his eye surgery, his left eye had to be removed due to infection. He was rescued from the streets when he was just a malnourished kitty, weighing only one pound. 
You can see pics of baby Kuli on his first steps to becoming an expert on riding waves.

Before he could swim confidently on his own, Kuli always wore a life jacket. How cute is that???

Now he is an expert on riding waves! He does it better than common people, at least! You can Keep Up with th life of Kuli the surfing cat on his Instagram.