Having fun is condemned nowadays. People which have lots of fun are seen as someone without perspective and goals. I wonder if this is the reality or if it is just another social convention.

Living intensively, having fun, loving what you are doing should be the top priority goal when thinking about our jobs and careers. Living life with the most joy behind it all is my secret of succeeding, and is not only mine, everyone considered genius worked or is working with his passions.

So, if there are lots of study cases about the impact of having fun, why people seek stability in boring and unconnected jobs? The system is guilty. We are created, educated and brain washed in order to get a good job in a good company. To have solid careers, to be doctors or mans of the law. We are educated to be part of the system, not to be part of the revolution which is eradicating the system.

There isn’t much perspective or security in being autonomous, working with our passions. Wishing to wake up every morning just to work is a result of loving what we are doing. And when something is done with love, we stop having to put our time in it and start creating time to spend on it. Its a fact that every activity done with fun is a super effective one.

I started thinking about this subject when I thinked about my favorite classical musics. Curiously, those are Divertimento — Mozart; Ode to joy — Beethoven. Musics that are full of happiness, energy and motivational potential. I love this songs because they have content, story, feeling, and math. Lots of math.

But, yes, I can agree if one say that there isn’t much we can do to change the system. In fact, the matrix, the system is already implanted and solidified in the deep of our brains. We must first cause a revolution inside our own spirits. And then, apply it to the rest of the problems.

By being the revolution, we cause changes at our surroundings. And by doing that, a whole butterfly effect is started, initialized, without any way to unsee what once was saw.

Having fun isn’t anything to feel bad about. Having fun is the way to change the world. Although, it is impossible to do only one thing and expect results for a whole other field of acts. To change, it has to be complete. It has to be balanced, it has to be ying and yang.