Health is wealth.

People forgot what it means to be a healthy person. We are constantly bombarded with information, programing our subconscious little by little, making us forget what it means the most to us, our own life quality.

Having a good quality of life doesn't means satisfying our ego minds or pleasuring ourselves, quality comes from purpose, truth & balance. I find in the modern world diet a cause of a bunch of other problems. Eating shit is making us be like shit.

What I realized early on my journey was that food was not only a way to fill myself, food was my whole body, my whole source of energy. What I eat everyday is the materials that will construct my body, my house. If I use only rotten wood to build my house, then it will fall in the first storm.

What have worked for me was to gradually decrease the amount of junk I was putting inside my body. We are beings of habits, the reason we do stuff is because we are constantly receiving related inputs in our brains. Changing my habits was easy once I knew the truth and connected with my inner energy. Once I decided to care and praise myself was when things started to change. I not only changed my whole diet, I stopped drinking and smoking tobacco.

Now I’m glad that I did it, but when analyzing the situation, it was really hard to say no. It was a daily struggle, and not everyone could do it. I had a strong sense of purpose, I loved myself more than anything. But what about someone disconnected with himself? What about someone who cannot stand quiet with his own mind? It is in those cases that people lost themselves. Loosing control of the addictions, seeking for connections in alcohol, evolving day after day, for a worst than ever parameter.

I feel sorry for those that can’t find a way back in the path of health. I feel sorry because I can see myself there, fucking my own body with fast food garbage. For those in the life of instant pleasures, I truly hope that one day the world becomes this long-ranged, highly motivated and hopeful life that I have today. Changing my habits made me not only feel better with what I was doing or eating, changing made me discover a whole new subject. A subject which talks only about becoming my greatest version.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West
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