I am, I love, I scream

Feels like it

I can say that I am happy because I just am, and there is nothing weird about my sentence. Who I am today is a spontaneous reflex of who I was yesterday, and what I have made reality. If I speak about the present, then I instantly speak about the past and future. They are all related and they will always be as long as time remains this concept that we humans know well.

We are the change, we are space and time beings. We are matter and we are energy. It is undeniable the fact that we often forget these things, and its also unforgivable that we forget it sometimes. Why use such a strong word? Because its when we forget these concepts that we need them the most. Its always in a crisis or storm that one must remember his nature.

Why have I mentioned love in the title? You might ask and I might answer. Love is energy, is output and input. Love is the glasses that makes our minutes have meanings and reasons. Our happiness, our relations, our inner thoughts are all guided by love and this intrinsic feeling of shouting it to the world. Have you ever shouted “I love you”? I have, and the feeling of distress is almost instantaneous.

When I scream I want everyone to know that I love. But what exactly I love? The world, myself, everyone. I might scream once in a while, specially in cases where nobody can listen. The truth is that I not only scream, i give and feel. The secret of being one with the word is just being no one at the same time.

And for the most confusing that this might sound, i can’t really explain easier what is my vision of the word. In reality, I just don’t give a fuck about simplicity or explaining using better words. I like confusions and problems because of the simple fact that progress is being made when we realize on our own.

My seeking for the truth brought me some deep experiences, and because of that, I can acquire some priceless information about what I truly AM. I can’t explain it easier because its all about my feelings. If you want your own, you must seek it, start loving every step of progress, every step made towards it.

“ Hold onto what is individual about yourself. Don’t allow your ambition for success to cause you to try to imitate the success of others. You’ve got to find it on your own terms” — Harrison Ford
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