Its not about moral, its about evolution

Evolving means developing. In the vocabulary of 2017 is usual to speak about development, but we often forget its meaning. Developing implies creating, making, acting, doing. There is no development without learning, there is no learning without deconstruction.

What I realized early in my journey was that in order to create greatness and good, I first needed to input greatness and good into my body. This picture above reminds me of the beauty that I see in a plant based diet. It implicates not only beauty, but also health and balance. A plant based diet was my start point of my changing process, and today i look back and see clearly all the reasons that I had while adapting to new perspectives. Committing myself to eating good was one of the most vital activities and decisions ever made.

Eating is not only about satisfying our needs. Eating is about providing our body all the chemicals needed to live in the optimal way. Eating is about rituals. Eating is about medicating ourselves. Eating is about loving it. And having the assurance that I’m providing my body, my home, the best fuels possible gives me the freedom to create success everywhere.

Eating can be one of those activities that cause pleasure and suffer at the same time. Thus, being mentally active when doing it is crucial, not only to reduce the number of destructive thoughts and feelings, but to avoid illusions and propaganda manipulations.

I speak strongly, but the truth is harder. The truth is that making bad food choices is now the normal. Having a diet that sucked my energy was my favorite “bad habit” in my early journey. Eating a fast food once in a while was not a reason to feel guilty about, and the taste was delicious. Then, imprudently i caught myself eating it every week, avoiding to eat just because “I didn’t had the time to wait for a meal.”

So, today, why did I change and started making fun of fast foods? What changed was the no-fear of changing. I decided to try, once the truth was told. Instead of making a choice and ignore the truth, i made a choice and embraced it. And now, a few months later, and after a lot of whole-food plant based meals, I keep on going, alive, full of energy, joy, consciousness and love. And if someone ask me why have I decided to stop eating it, I just answer: “Because I wanted to try”.

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