Joy is My Only Resolution for 2018.

The highest level of joy I display the better.

In 2018 I hope to be myself, always tapping into my authenticity. I’ll keep send positivity to the planet Earth, which is vibing in such a low frequency.

When I opened my third eye and unlocked my script, everything became result of the choices I make, and now I try to always make smart choices in life.

The journey can be overwhelming sometimes.

I’m free to be honest and say: “Get the f*ck out while I balance these energies”

I’m still a human being, an almost-perfect being.

This objective is going to be pursued with a heart-centered perspective.

If I manage to escape the duality vortex, then the neutrality can show me the path to a successful realization of my dreams.

“No one is alone if accompanied by great thoughts”

I have a map — The virtues I base myself:

  • Adventure
  • Harmony
  • Responsibility
  • Genuineness
  • Growth

All the claps, reads, and views prove me that I can inspire using language.

I can only be sure that I know nothing comparing to the available wisdom of the nature.

I’ll keep going, and I appreciate everyone going with me.

Thanks For Reading ❤

#Day 52