The journey of a self improvement driven reality (life)

Revolutions occur every day and there isn’t a single one where things remain the same. The change is always here, ready to create a new reality called present. Months ago, I started my own road of personal developments. Since then, I’m always having to let things go in order to make progress. And progress isn’t always this clear definition in our heads, progress is confuse and blurry and most of the time, scareful.

Something about six months ago was when it happened in my life, the turnaround moment. Due to a multiplicity of events, I agree, the funnel of decisions was getting smaller on each day, until the break point. Since then, I completely changed my habits, goals and perspectives.

My priorities became much more constructive, and all my daily activities were reevaluated.

I’m grateful for all the mentors that I had, because of information and its value. I was seeking for info, and they were providing the right kind of information, at least, at my perspective. So, it is a bit cliché to say: I wouldn’t be who I am without the relationships and mutual experiences.

And it is the right kind of information that I’m willing and I want to share. My current objective is first creating myself authority and building my valours. Then, after some improvements and evolves, my dream is to create pure and individual experiences. I’m really struggling to write my dream, and since I wrote the last sentence, it feels like my brain was instantly shut down of the long range perspective.

Luckily for me, my journey of self development has started relative early. And because of that, I just have to keep focused on progress and sooner than I think, success will come. Making study a habit was one of the most valuable changes made. I not only started consuming more useful information, it was with the same importance that I started turning the perspective to look inside of myself, trough meditation and mindfulness.

Although those subjects are directly related to sages and monks, really spiritually awaken personas, being one with my body has helped me understand better my feelings and work with them. Towards improvement, validating and changing little aspects, over a considerable amount of time.

And that’s it, this is me today. Having lots of problems, yet, living the moment as it is given, focusing on the only truth, the present, the inherent happiness.

Problems are easy come easy go, what last is the memory of it overcoming you, or you overcoming it.