What we think is what we become.

If I want to, there are many ways to re-write this sentence, and I can guarantee you that all of them will cause impact and be intuitively true.

What we eat is what we become
What we see is what we become
What we create is what we become.

See? There are many different ways to write this idea. But what I want to pass as a message is that we become our taken reality. It is both my daily mantra and my daily questionings. I am that, I am what I see, taste, listen and feel.

Taking opportunities to be taken is an act that we often miss. There are thousands (more likely infinites) outcomes in a single action. To be possible to flow trough just one, we have to detach from the others, or it will pass and we will sleep on the bus stop.

My amazing life is just another human life, just another life. I love this simplicity of things, this cruel chaotic reality… Its both on minimalism and complexity of life that I can watch the beauty of things, the dance of the wind, the morphing of the clouds.

I can become whatever is that to become, whatever I want, think and feel. The law of attraction is concrete at some point, and to me the isn’t a better explanation to how the quantum level of the human brain can interact with the relativity of the human-size reality. Its both real and unreal — — to be finished…

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