Pick yourself

About our stillness for the prince charming.

As usual, read this text listening to this song:


I wonder how much the stories we are used to influence our behavior; If watching many heroes’ movies push us to be more adventures, or philosophical ones makes us more conscious. I believe these allegories have their significant spark in our beings. In this sense, I wonder in what extent, how the numerous movies where people with secreted talents are discovered shape us. How for example, a film where a conductor finds in a poor boy a violin genius, creates in our minds the notion that someone will discover our talents for us. Thus, as consequence, we keep ourselves standing still…waiting.

I lost the count of how many times I imagined some stranger finding out the talents I supposedly thought I had. Of how many times I put my faith in someone’s judgment and measurement of my skills. Of how many times I kept waiting for reassurance from more experienced ones, so I could have the stamp of someone’s trust to keep doing that/pursuing my dreams.

In a world, full of door keepers, from the music producer that choses who is going to be the next success, to the investor that selects the companies that will have the resources, we find ourselves depending and waiting someone to pick us, to show us the way. I am not arguing that is unfair, once you reach an experience level, you have the right to chose what you would be involved with. However, the issue is there is still a big line of dreamers waiting to present themselves, to be picked…And the bad news is: The prince charming will never come for the most part of them.

If you are scared to show the world what you created/do, this is the right time to pick yourself and learn the most. If you are still waiting for someone back up your idea, you are betting in the fulfillment lottery, which chances are equal to winning millions of dollars. We are already luck enough to be in an era where everyone can present their talents through many forms, there is no need for door keepers, there is only doors of possibilities now.

So even when you feel or was rejected by these door keepers, do not give up, do not depend on it. You will find that the spark which is within yourself is enough to create a wildfire of your own success. Everything you need right now is to let it shine, adapt, learn, and create, the rest will fall in place at its time, you cannot hold inside wildfire, you can get burnt or you can fuel a fulfilling life.