Zignaly Tradebot + Entrix Signal Quick Setup

I have been testing for the last weeks Zignaly trade bot and recently Entrix Signal was added to their marketplace of signals.

What does it cost?

Zignaly has a 30-day trial that's more than enough for you to test and make some profits, and in their marketplace theres, a few signals that you can buy among them is Entrix Signal.

Price 9USD Month after trial

Entrix Signal is a fast trade signal for BTC pairs on Binance, that allows you to make profits from a pump/trend, the reason why I like it its because it doesn't signal for pump & dump shitcoins.

Price 5USD Month

Step by Step FAQ on Zignaly + Entrix

Sign Up on Binance(click here):
  1. After signing up, you should deposit at least 0.02 BTC to get you started (you can start with less but that means less trading )

2. Enable pay fees With BNB on Account

3. Buy BNB just the minimum allowed

4.Create API you can name it anything you want like for example“zignaly bot”, and save your API KEY and SECRET

5. After Sometime of trading, you will accumulate small portions of the coins you trade you can convert those leftovers to BNB on Balance Page