My Decalogue to unfollow on IG

Oct 7 · 1 min read

Recently I realized I was following a lot of accounts. I had never made a massive unfollow so I did. After a while, what I can say is the unfollow process should be easier (too many taps, why not just one?)

But, which accounts did I unfollow?

  • All brands, hotels and communities
  • Any people with no posts at all
  • Influencers
  • People posting HDR photos
  • People with lots of followers and not following many
  • Bots
  • Selfie people
  • Lots of photographers, sorry I´m not a content curator
  • Every hunter, nomad, traveler, world + something, photo + something, wanderer, wanderlust


Written by

Ad Specialist focused on Design and Animation. also UX Researcher, Medium writer and a Photographer.

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