Principles of Visual Design — exercise

Healr Doctor Cards

Taken from We worked with Healr to create a simple app for users to interact with doctors.

I think it´s clean, white, spaceful. It can help to get on with doctors. It has fair information. I like the movement, it is easy and easy to understand

Uber Eats

Taken from Launch Screen

I think it´s clearly indicating the activity. It keeps simple. It gives importance to Food, eats. Looks like a manual drawing. The logo is well placed.Black and white make a great contrast.


Taken from Tomwood is a Norwegian jewellery and clothes brand that embraces functional, timeless designs with attention to detail.

We designed a contemporary and effective identity that fits for both jewellery and clothes branding, where the icon is used mainly as a finer detail, for example on top of a box, or engraved on a ring. The logotype has an international feel that makes it easier for them to carry the brand globally.

The project also includes an application that generates patterns for use on textiles, based on dimensions, surfaces and sound inputs.

I like the models, I think they are beautiful but not perfect, they look like sophisticated.The photo is cutting the model heads, this is quite risky but it´s ok. Clothes are modern, elegant. Same for tipography, maybe the color could be better.

Taken from Discover. Learn. Elevate.

Introducing the best practices, stories, and insights from the world’s top design leaders. Loaded with in-depth books, podcasts, and more, DesignBetter.Co is your essential guide to building remarkable products and teams.

I like specially the logo and its animation. An owl says a lot about a site called DesignBetter. Blue and white give me the concept of space, freedom. Numbers are a little tedious but work. I like the illustration, I think it suits with the rest of the site. Also images have duotone, blue like. Clean, simple, elegant.

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