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This is a story that needs to be told in 2 parts.

Part 1: Origin story

If the concept of a “silver lining” is in any way admissible during these times of uncertainty, quarantine, pandemic and all the “fun” words getting thrown about — we at fruitkit would have to be grateful for an opportunity to slow down.

And through slowing down, an opportunity to get in touch with our core values — to revisit them in a no bullshit -kind of way. …

Photo by Muhammad Raufan Yusup on Unsplash

At their best, hackathons have long been a solid tactic for companies / developers and ecosystems to accomplish many great things:

  • Do problem-solving
  • Kickstart a budding developer ecosystem with decent-quality apps
  • Innovate on stagnant technology / biz models
  • Foster an intensive and accelerated exchange of ideas and talent
  • Many more positives

However, I am afraid that as of late, and increasingly so, hackathons have been turning into big, fat, archaic corporations’ way of saying to the rest of the world: ‘look, we are innovative too!’. …

#NonTechMVP — 4 steps to creating a viable startup without coding

Note: This is a post leading up to our upcoming panel at SXSW #NonTechMVP, where I will be joining the wonderfully talented Erica Swallow and Stephanie Weiner. Contently’s John Hazard will moderate.

Whether you’re an avid Lean Startup enthusiast and have read all the literature on the topic; or you’re considering whether your business idea might just work, the panelists will do our very best to demystify and express things in simple language. …


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The human side of tech. I ask the “why’s?”, “how’s?”, “who’s” and “when’s?” when others think just tech. Talk to me about travel, dogs or ecosystem innovation.

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