1/31: Taking the 31/31 challenge

Following AldoAguirreG idea of a 31/31 challenge, I will try to post something every day in one of my two new publications Lost Facts or Shanghai Living, or maybe something more personal that doesn’t fit at all in one of those publications; for the next 31 days. Starting today and ending on June 12.

The idea is to keep posting things, new facts, new things about China, anything that’s worth sharing and reading but without pushing to hard. I don’t plan to create 31 super stories, I just want to keep the world updated of was going on.

I don’t consider myself an artist by any means. But I do like to express myself writing, I also enjoy doing theatre but that’s something completely different. Writing is the easiest way to share thoughts, ideas or new findings and this is not the first time that I do this as you can see in the rest of my stories.

The best way to do something is just start doing it. Who knows this could be the beginning of a new thing.

About my new publications, here is a little brief about them:

Lost Facts. Stumbling on Quora and Reddit one can find plenty of information, some things could be useful others just garbage but most of the time I find two or three things that are worth sharing. From now on I would try to post them here, lost facts is a place to find all that information that’s lost in the vast world of the internet.

Shanghai Living. I decided to move to Shanghai, China almost a year ago. After some visa procedures I arrived to the biggest city in China. Shanghai is a vibrant city, full of contrasts, culture, people and new adventures just waiting outside of the door. I would try to post my feelings, thoughts and experiences about my Asian adventure.

So be ready to read a little bit more about me and other things you may not be that interested, at the end the idea is to share who we are using this platform.

Don’t forget to follow my new publications and give me your 💚 on this story.