Mad Whispers

You came about a week ago and I know you had a reason

Behind that face of worried girl when it starts the season

So don’t tell me to stop,

I know that you know that I know that you have your man

But both are moving and running through so heavy sands

Don’t tell me to slow down,

Now that I’m going to the rythm of the broken sound

Words hitting and cracking to the concrete ground

Curiosity in your eyes

But telling me that I better behave

Without any kind of sense

Light reflects on your skin

Lighting the complete room

Where he’s afraid of losing you

Where the end of that, is the beginning of this

Saying the bad words of our list

If they said something about us I didn’t listen at all

They don’t know what is walk on wáter without distance

And then became deeper than the pacific ocean, girl.

Don’t love me but either hate me ’cause I’ll get the sign:

I’m getting more importance than the one that I need

Being me only can mean one simple thing

Have all and each day lose it on the place where

The complex anxious three words rest in lay

Doubts in your eyes

But knowing the answers already

You can take them or leave

And we know what’s next

Mad whispers through you

Opens a panorama to do

The bad but satisfactory decision

Of forget for a momento that you’re with him

And walls don’t hear a scream

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