How to transform your doodles & sketchnotes into your new slideshows?

Who says PowerPoint slideshows must throw up raw data? Who says they ought to be boring & respect the “professional” standards of an average PowerPoint slide? When did they stop from being functional tools to become a parasite who stands watching passively our loose jaws during the meetings? These were some questions I asked myself when I designed my online course “Smashing sketchnotes”, which I launched almost a month ago. In this course I teach you how to transform your doodles & sketchnotes in the visual tools you need to engage and sell your ideas.
While I was designing the content for the course I thought about all those moments we’ve been through, when we’re doodling in notebook, instead of paying attention to the cluttered slideshows displayed. When we doodle we’re becoming a channel that gives visibility to ideas.
In my workshops, I always tell my students “Ideas not written, not exist”. We need to show in material world all those ideas (good or bad ones, all of them) we’ve got in mind, and the best way of doing it, it’s using our own doodles.
What can we say when we have to prepare that slideshow and we have tons of data, lots of information that we don’t know where to start. We don’t care how many slides it will take; we use to say things like “at the end of the day, slides are for free” or “The sky’s the limit”. That’s why I worked on a course which gives you some insights & recommendations whenever you’re in that situation and you’re willing to use something to refresh your meetings o gatherings spirit.
When you’re audience realized you’ve prepare a handcrafted presentation with something very yours as your own doodles, it’s grateful, everyone will see your effort & commitment with the topic. You become a visual storyteller who tells stories that stick to memory. What would you like to be the takeaways from your presentation? What would you do if your client offers you only 1 MINUTE to sell him your idea? How much time from your audience & yours do you want to spend in the meeting? Are you going to throw 50 slides plus bla-bla-bla? It’s your CHOICE.
I invite to join my course “Smashing sketchnotes” & discover the potential you have to add value to your presentations. For more recommendations, I’m here to help. =)

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