It’s precisely the lack of emotional intelligence that allows e.g. internet companies to try squeezing extra profit through legislation or corrupt sports organizations to financially exploit their host countries
Why John Oliver Is Wrong About Emotional Intelligence
Brian Pagán

No, that’s lack of ethics. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and work with the feelings of other people. In other words, plain ol’ empathy. Of course, “emotional intelligence” sounds more important and relevant than empathy, and that’s why we have the buzzword.

Anyway, if you look at the research on “emotional intelligence” it’s all bulls**t. Weak tests and null predictive power, the very definition of pseudo-science. Also, what they try to measure has nothing to do with intelligence which is, in any of its varieties, a measure of cognitive ability.

To sum up, I’m sorry but Oliver is right. Empathy is important, but it’s not intelligence in any sensible way. Everything surrounding EI is dubious at best, pure bulls**it most of the time.