COVID-19 has changed the way we live and relate to others, at least temporarily. It made us stop our machines, raise our heads, and take a strategic break to overcome one of the greatest challenges in contemporary history. Even after only a few days of isolation, we can already observe some environmental impacts.

Regardless of this virus, which causes complications in all aspects, we must carry on and get out of our routine and adapt to different ways of working. …

El COVID-19 ha cambiado la forma en que vivimos y nos relacionamos, al menos de forma temporal. Ha hecho que detengamos nuestras maquinarias, que levantemos la cabeza, y hagamos una parada estratégica para sobrepasar uno de los desafíos más grandes de la historia contemporánea. Incluso, en sólo algunos días de aislamiento ya se pueden observar cambios medioambientales.

Más allá de este virus, que nos complica en todos los ámbitos, tenemos que seguir adelante, salir de nuestra rutina para adaptarnos a otras formas de trabajo. …

Trends on visual design, interaction patterns, and research techniques are mandatory readings for designers these days. Today, I want to invite you to move from theory to practice.

I would like to thank those who helped me to promote new ideas and improve work processes and results: Sebastián Quintanilla and David Jurín. Pure Latino talent.

In the next 10 minutes, I’ll showcase the reasons why you should start using Pair Design, when to use it, and how to do it.

What is Pair Design?

Pair Design stems from a previous technique called Pair Programming, used in the Development field for the last 10 years…

Fernando Silanes

UX Lead & Product Designer /

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