“You know nothing …”

You think you know it all, you have a PHD, or a master degree, or maybe you have none, you may havent finish university and you still think you dont need to read, you teachers cant teach you and university is shit.

Everything is solved, we know how gravity works so we think theres nothing else to know about it, we know how to swim so we dont even wonder if we are able to breathe under water and perhaps we cannot, but we dont even question ourselfs. Before the human race wondered what if.. ? Now we wonder can we try? should we try? Or we just let the questioning to someone else.

We live in a world were knowing nothing is knowing everything. Why? Because we truly know nothing, but we think we do. So we need to think we know nothing, we need to feel naive, we need to ask, we need to search and allways start something new, allways be amateur in one thing.