A life of constant hellos and goodbyes.

Fern Urquhart
Oct 18, 2016 · 2 min read

Something I was categorically told not to do back when I was a brown haired, block fringed, sweet [that one is just a guess…] little girl was to go places I didn’t know with people I didn’t know — totally understandable and reasonable parenting advice. I get it. Solid guidance.

Now, that’s all I do…

Exploring unknown places with unknown people.

Strangers becoming friends. The unfamiliar becoming familiar.

Wrong turns, interesting looking paths, suspicious entrances, no idea where we’re going, another wrong turn, oh and another and I can’t even pronounce the name of this place — and oh, what was your name again?

The constant creation of meaningful relationships with people I’ve only known for a matter of hours in places I’ve just arrived in. Busy making the most memorable moments of life with people I didn’t even know a few days before.

So many hellos and so many goodbyes. Bitter sweet. But I would rather have to say goodbye a thousand times over than to have never experienced all the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful hellos.

The people I’ve met while travelling have less barriers, their guards are lowered, they are more open and so much more ready to tell their story. Maybe it is the knowledge that you might never see this person again so you have absolutely nothing to lose by being raw, honest and truthfully you and you have everything to gain by sharing so freely.

Showing strangers the best of who you are is refreshing, it is liberating. There is no judgement, no misplaced expectations, no history, nothing.

You are seen as you are in that exact moment, you are free to be exactly as you are, who you are or whoever you want to be.

I’m so lucky! What a gift it is to be constantly crossing paths with amazing people from all over the world, stories to tell, friendship to give, laughs to create and memories to make. Human connection is amazing.

You could be in the most beautiful place in the world or the most scary, horrible place but what makes it is the people you are surrounded by. People make the difference.

Travelling is amazing. I am seeing new places daily, a freedom like no other. It is indescribable. But what makes a trip go from good to unforgettable is the people you’re with. People are amazing, wonderful and beautiful things. Friendship is a special, special gift. Honest and raw friendships make my smile wide, my heart so full and my life so rich.

Strike up that conversation, smile at that boy, say hello to that girl, say yes to adventure and if the time comes to say goodbye, be eternally grateful that you got to say hello in the first place.

Fern Urquhart

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