Embrace the detours

Fern Urquhart
Apr 27, 2016 · 2 min read

I didn’t plan for this and I plan for everything.

I plan my days, I write to do lists, I plan my outfits. I plan what I am going to say. But I didn’t plan for this.

I didn’t plan for a diagnoses, hospital appointments and medicines. I didn’t plan for the hurt, pain or stress. I didn’t plan for the emotional upheaval. I didn’t plan for the symptoms, side effects and sadness.

And I plan for everything.

Plans. Plans. Plans. We are all making them and life is good at breaking them. Changing them. Editing them. Scratch that and add this in. Take that out, replace it with this. A constant state of change. Relentless, rapid, change.

Life doesn’t go to plan. When has life ever gone to plan! But sometimes, the best happenings in our lives are those that we didn’t plan for. A change of plan takes us to somewhere we weren’t expecting. Leads us to people and places we didn’t know we loved. Takes us to a place to teach us something, show us someone. Lead us to the right place.

I didn’t plan to have an autoimmune disease. But I also didn’t plan on meeting all the beautiful, inspirational people along the way, I didn’t plan on writing a blog, I didn’t plan on getting thank you messages from people I’ve helped…

Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, worse… it’s just different. Sometimes heading in a new direction is scary, intimidating and not you until you realise it was always you, always the way you were meant to be heading.

‘What screws us up most is the picture in our head of how it should be’

Embrace and adore the detours, nurture them.

Love the change of direction, the plan B.

Let go of what you had planned and embrace the road infront, good & bad.

Ride the change.

Fern Urquhart

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a journey through the unknown