Taking my own advice!

Fern Urquhart
Aug 23, 2016 · 3 min read

Before my brother, John, left to go travelling around Australia I bought him a card (that I thought he would take with him and read daily…only for me to find it in his room before I left!!) Anyway, it said ‘Adventure is waiting’ on the front and inside I wrote;

“It more than definitely is and I hope you embrace it with open arms, open eyes and an open mind. Breathe in the new fresh air, feel the golden sands and appreciate the warm sun. Enjoy every given moment and appreciate the little things, the unique things. Embrace the different cultures, different traditions, and embrace life. Adopt, adapt and appreciate. Make friends, memories and create a life you want to live. You are SO lucky to be able to do this, don’t waste it, don’t do anything too silly, look after yourself and your friends. Be considerate, be sensible and be spontaneous. Say yes to new adventures, say yes to spontaneous road trips, say yes to impromptu journeys. Be kind and caring to everyone you cross paths with. Be aware. Enjoy, embrace and relish every moment”

(and then some real smushy sisterly love at the end, but that bit doesn’t need to be shared, as oh my it really was smushy because little did I know I’d be joining him out in Aus only a small 9 months later!!)

I typed out what I had written into a note on my phone because I felt I needed to keep the words, I felt that one day I was going to need to read the words, to do what I told John to do and to live my words.

And now, 22 days into my adventure. 22 days, ALREADY!? If the term ‘Travel Daze’ doesn’t exist already, it definitely should.

Travel Daze: A constant state of awe, excitement, love and admiration for the world, leading to a feeling of being in a dream like state. Questioning the rapid passing of time and life. And pretty much everything else.

(Might need to work on that definition a little but I’m a little dazey right now. Maybe one day when I’m cool, I could call it ‘Travel Trance’……..)

Anywaaaaay… 22 days into my travels, those words I wrote for John are so relevant, so significant and so fitting to the life I am leading right now. I didn’t realise how relevant they were soon to become. Each day I am living out these words, some consciously and some completely subconsciously.

Appreciating, adapting, admiring. And completely in awe.

I’m totally in love with life. Everyday. Everyone. Everything. Eternally grateful for friends, family & strangers.

The places I’ve been so far are special but the people in each place are what makes a place. Changing a place from amazing to extraordinary. From friends and family giving me somewhere to stay and showing me about to strangers pointing me in the right direction or telling me which train I need to get on or helping me find my Air BnB which I quickly feared didn’t exist.

Time is going fast. Toronto was amazing. San Francisco was amazing. Los Angeles is amazing. I’m going to Fiji on Wednesday and then flying to Sydney, Australia 9 days later. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. SO grateful. SO thankful. SO in love.

Sometimes when you give people advice or write them something, it’s easier said than done to take your own advice. But taking the advice I gave to John, practicing what I preached, in this case, is an absolute pleasure, a joy and a delight.

I’m so lucky to be able to have this opportunity, I’m so grateful to go to the places I’m going and to meet the people I’m meeting. SO lucky.

But, what I’ve realised is that you don’t have to be halfway around the world to take these words in and to live them. Every day, anywhere should be embraced and appreciated. Life is very short, and sometimes it can be cruelly even shorter so it is SO important to give love, show appreciation for whatever you’ve got, whoever is in your life and wherever you are everyday.

If you took all the advice you ever gave to friends and family, how different would your life be? Take your own advice. See how it goes.

Life is short, special and surprising. Embrace it.

From LA to everywhere,

All the love. x

Fern Urquhart

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