Travel is…

To me,

Fern Urquhart
Oct 23, 2016 · 2 min read

Travel is sleeping in 24 beds in 3 months

Travel is creating meaningful relationships in a matter of days

Travel is being confident in the unknown

Travel is learning something new everyday

Travel is taking risks

Travel is scary

Travel is seizing every moment of every day

Travel is SO MUCH FUN

Travel is getting sand EVERYWHERE! Everywhere…

Travel is exploring places you don’t know with people you don’t know

Travel is fearing the end of your life in seriously dodgy hostels

Travel is sometimes lonely

Travel is mind over matter

Travel is letting go of expectation and judgement

Travel is freeing

Travel is finding people you never knew you were looking for

Travel is not knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow

…or what happened last night!

Travel is avoiding the huge amount of bugs in your room

Travel is tiring

Travel is addictive

Travel is SO fulfilling

Travel is not feeling clean even after a shower

Travel is taking the wrong turning every 10 minutes

Travel is rewarding

Travel is seeing yourself in other people

Travel is AMAZING

Travel is when a bottom bunk is a dream come true

Travel is sharing a bathroom with 7 other people, every day.

Travel is missing your family but never feeling more at home

Travel is reuniting with old friends

Travel is breathtaking

Travel is playing shithead, every single night…

Travel is drinking Sangria

Travel is not knowing where you’re going

…but knowing you’re heading the right direction

Travel is singing loudly in the car

Travel is eating tinned beans, a lot

Travel is stepping out your comfort zone

Travel is reevaluating your definition of luxury

Travel is a life full of firsts

Travel is shrinking all your clothes in dryers

Travel is inspiring

Travel is so so so much more than all of this…

Fern Urquhart

Written by

a journey through the unknown

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