Ten reasons why I’m getting a Split Tongue, and why you should consider it too!
David Van Beveren

I was interested in this, cause a friend had gone through it last month. Honestly, I wouldn’t do that, because with the length of my tongue it would look a bit too much. „I’m able to touch the back of my chin with it…“ I’ve gone through tongue lengthening surgery when I was around 5–6 y/o, reason being that I couldn’t talk properly without it. I continued doing tongue exercises, which brought me to this point. Being a guy, long tongue looks pretty strange as is. And kissing can be a bit troublesome, but no one ever complained after a french kiss.

Anyway what was I saying… Oh yeah.

I don’t mind people doing stuff like this, It’s their life. I find it strange, yes. But grossed out? Nope. Just that I wouldn’t do it myself.