It’s a typical rainy day. Here I am sitting on the bus obviously bored by the dull view of the familiar town at which I’ve been staring through the window for the past five minutes. I take my earphones out and slowly plug them in to my ears. As soon as I tap the play button “Hotline bling” comes on, taking me into a world where people use lyrics to comunicate and move to the beat making the world unrolling before my eyes brighter, as if I am seeing through an Instagram filter. At this moment I am numb and carefree, I don’t think about my destination when the bus will stop. My thoughts are muted and so is my problematic life. My mind is only filled up with memories. Enthusiastic happy memories that had never existed, but I am not bothered to question myself where are these memories originated from, as I don’t care. I am just enjoying their pure existence. The song that I will play next will set me into a completely different mood, Adele’s “Hello” sets me off onto an emotion rollercoaster drifting me into sadness and deep thinking as my heartbeat slows down. Halfway through the song and my insides had squeezed because of the sudden change in Adeles vocal pitch as she sings her most powerful sentence: “Hello from the other side….”. As her voice returns back to normal the pressure inside of me has been released. I am back to my original sad state until the song finishes. My following choice is a total opposite, Wiz Khalifa’s forgotton hit “Work hard, Play hard”. I am pretty much bored with his heavy rap that makes no sense to me at the moment until, he drops his main verses that create a new feeling called inspiration . I am throwing a wild party inside of my head invisible to the outer humanity while his voice continues to stretch in a half singing mode at the background, but my excitment dosen’t last for long, the bus stops and I am about to return back to the unintresting, colourless everyday life visible to me only in black and white . I must admit that I am not dissapointed to leave these wondrerful sounds behind me because I know that this sudden change will shock me back in to reality which I consider a good thing at times. I take my earphones out. I feel my senses sharpen, bringing me out of my medidating state. As I get up my mind replays every song that Iv’e been lisening to, leaving me with a conclusion that the music video is not as an important as an audio itself, which can change our heartbeat, our mood and most importantly the way we view the world itself proving that it is posible for true artists to posses the power of music.

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