Version notes: NEM Microwallet V0.2.0

The NEM ecosystem has always been one of the most advanced of the Blockchain sector, its technology and community its some of the best an Open Source project could never had.

The NEM MicroWallet is a Google Chrome Extension that was born with the aim of providing speed and ease to users of this Blockchain to make transactions.

This format is not only ideal for the great usability it has to be available in the browser, but it poses a really simple and clear use to make transactions between users in a few clicks.

Due to its growing number of users and the advantages it brings to the use of this Blockchain, we have decided to increase its functionalities to allow users to have more tools while maintaining simplicity and clarity when interacting with the software.

The result of this new version is the NEM MicroWallet V0.2.0. In this article we review its functionalities and analyze them contemplating all the novelties that the version incorporates.

In the last version, the Microwallet had the following features:

· Creation, importing and exporting of Mainnet, Testnet and Mijin wallets.

· Transaction creation and sending containing: Recipient, XEM Amount and Message.

· Visualization of address and balance.

· Visualization of outcoming, incoming and unconfirmed transactions.

· Automatic refresh of balance and transactions.

· Add visualization of QR address

· Add different wallet types

This new version also adds the following functionalities:

· Completely new design

The new design has been based on the simplicity and elegance of the corporate colors of the logo, taking the green stripe as the main color. The objective of this new design is to facilitate the use and highlight the most important functionalities while the software acquires a more formal and elegant interface.

· Support for Mosaic Transactions

· New explorer module

Due to the increase in functionalities and the growth forecast of the Microwallet, we have added a new module called Explorer, which will serve a content similar to that of the NanoWallet.

For now, we will use this space to show the mosaics and it is foreseen in future versions to incorporate the namespaces.

You can find this module in Settings > Explorer.

· Deleted Brain Wallets

For security reasons and at the request of several members of the community, we have decided to eliminate the Brain Wallets of the extension.

· Changed Backend to NEM Library

For this new version, we decided to make a complete backend refactor by changing the engine from NEM SDK to NEM Library.

The NEM Library is not only a better documented and updated library, but also allows us to scale the application in terms of future features such as Trezor access or add the Voting module.

Is planned to add the following features in a near future:

· Add Multiwallet support

· Add Multisignature accounts support

· Add Alias Service support

· Add harvesting info and tools

· …

Special thanks to Sergi Canal as collaborator of the project and to Jeff McDonald and Nelson Valero as project promoters.

You can download the NEM Microwallet for free at:

The source code of the NEM Microwallet can be found at:

For any question or idea, feel free to contact @blockchainencat on Telegram.

Blockchain | Computer Science | CEO at Peersyst Technology

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