To Ale

(the power of life and love)

Imagine the older sister that you’ve never had. That cool old sister that minds her business, she looks like she doesn’t have time for you cause she’s too cool for you — the younger brother. But when you less expect she’s there, wiping your tears away, giving you the most comfortable hug and/or giving you the advice that you need.

She’s a friend that feels like family. And the most crazy thing is that she’s a friend that I’ve just met as a friend but is already part of me. family. Like a sister from another mother as I used to say.

And I know that she’s gonna go back home, and that we’re not gonna talk, we’re not gonna ask “how was work?” “did you sleep well?” anymore but
I’m not sad about it cause I know that we’re gonna be in each others minds.

Ale, thanks again for having me in your life. It’s cozy and your energy is contagious! A true inspiration.

(I love when you come home and say “Hi family!” and I know I’m gonna miss that).