8 observations from a crumbling niche — and how to avoid getting crushed.
Hillary Weiss

I clicked this post’s link, because your words “Crumbling Niche” hit home, for you describe precisely what I see happening. You are “not the only one catching this stuff”.
This is a subject I have been struggling with for quite a while and underlying all is the challenge of embracing the exponential changes fuelling our world.
Unless you fully grasp the implications of these ongoing exponential changes, your niche — and business — will eventually crumble, courtesy of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
Many tasks — messenger bots, copywriting, data analysis are moving to AI and beyond.
With exponential changes, any biz needs to remain nimble and be able to turn on a dime and change direction and embrace new technologies. A planning time line of two to three years, where all will stay the same is too long. 
To stay on the exponential curve for the foreseeable future and for your business to survive, you will need to take advantage of automation, AI and Big Data, and your ability to do so will depend on the costs of these services.
Does this mean only those businesses will survive, who can remain nimble and afford AI and Big Data?
Will these services be expensive or will they become open source and demonetized? That is the crucial question for us all.
Check out Jim Sternes book, Artificial Intelligence For Marketing and his video on Big Data — https://youtu.be/c-oOa5mWOao