The Beginning of Uber
Garrett Camp

I dug out the first Uber Cab instructions emailed around…great flashback!

  1. Text your pickup address and city (example: 1177 California Street, San Francisco) to UBR-CAB (827–222).

2. Uber will respond with a text message asking you to confirm your location. Reply YES to confirm.

3. Uber will locate a car and text back with an estimated arrival time (normally 5–10 minutes).

4. Uber will send a text message when your driver has arrived.

5. Ride in Uber style.

6. No need to pay or tip your driver: Uber stores your credit card on file, so payments (tip included) are automatic and hassle free.

To cancel once a driver is en route to pick you up, text CANCEL to UBR-CAB (827–222). Cancel within 2 minutes to avoid a $10 cancellation fee.

Uber Cab — On Demand Taxi Service “

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