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Looking back at where it all began, the basement startup

It’s good to look back — and find a basement you are no longer in. Although I loved it!

In a startup you’re always so busy looking ahead. I sometimes argue that startups actually live in the future, because we’re so consumed with creating change that hasn’t yet affected the majority.

Recently we’ve been looking around in the Conferize office, amazed at all the new talent and the accelerated energy, and find it hard to remember where we were a few years ago.

That’s what you hope for when you start out with no money, you as the only resource, and just a massive idea that’s propelling you forward and weighing you down at the same time.

This is what my “office” looked like back in 2011:

Having just left arguably one of the coolest startup spaces I’ve ever seen (Issuu’s completely refurbished factory loft) it was quite the change.

No windows, seriously bad air and hardly a door to close behind you. On the bright side it was about a hundred bucks in rent and had a friendly DJ next door who was fond of loud house music and funny tobacco.

I couldn’t have been happier. I was creating stuff and found my first co-founder, another Martin (we have 3 on our team now). We just dug up the first sitemap and feature list that we compiled on a makeshift blackboard in my basement.

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First sitemap and feature list for Conferize.

It’s crazy to realize that we’ve now built most of this — and tons more. And I still feel we’re only scratching the surface of what Conferize can be, and hopefully will be someday.

A sincere thanks to everyone who’s supported us so far and everyone who’ll be joining us as we push ahead.


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