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This text was originally written when I was part of the Clinical Animal Behaviour (CAB) Research Group together with other members of the group after discussing scientific publications. As the original website no longer exists because the members graduated, I am reposting the texts here so they don´t get lost. More information at the end of this post.


Images from the original CAB website.

Title of the paper:

Consistent individual behavioural variation: The difference between temperament, personality and behavioural syndromes.

Who wrote it?

Jill Mackay and Marie Haskell, both from Scotland’s Rural College.

What was the purpose of this article?

Both within and between areas of study the terms behavioural syndrome, temperament and personality have been used interchangeably. As a result of this there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the meaning of each of these terms in animal behaviour and when they should be used, which has limited the study of these phenomenons. Therefore, the aims of this article were to: discuss the main areas…