Get Singapore MRT Train Arrival Time with Google Sheets

Ferry Djaja
Dec 6, 2017 · 3 min read

There is an easy way to get the MRT train arrival time, particularly on the SMRT Train with Google Sheets.

Here are the steps you need to do:

Create Google Sheets account
Go to and create the account.

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Google Sheets

Once your Google Sheets account is created, go to SG MRT Train Arrival Time Facebook page: and get the updated link to its Google Sheets demo app.

At the time of writing is:

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Get the demo app link from SG MRT Train Arrival Time

Click on that link, and you will be directed to the Google Sheets app

Google Sheets Demo App

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Google Sheets App

Now you can select the MRT station code from the drop down list and click Run button. For this tutorial, I have selected “ Bedok (EW5)” station and clicked Run.

Here is the result from the ArrivalTime tab that I got.

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Result will be generated under ArrivalTime tab

If you notice carefully, I got the ‘Arrived’ status at platform B (second row — column G). You may not be able to get such details information from other existing apps.

What make us different with the existing apps/services?

The existing service or app in the market, only provide the timing information, like in the below screenshot. From us, we provide the information when the train has arrived.

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Where is the information if the train has arrived ?!

Where to go beyond this ?

Google Sheets demo app is just a sample app that shows you how easy to get the train arrival information. You can easily implement the API with your favorite programming languages.

It is up to your imagination how do you want to process the information. You can build an alerting system with this information or doing some analytics.

I wrote a Python program to display the train arrival information on the mini LCD display with Raspberry Pi. Get the API Key from me.

Here is the final app looks like. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank you and until next time :)

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